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A printer is now an important part of human life. By using this peripheral device, the user can take the printouts of any digital documents. There are various printer manufacturers in the market who manufacture printer for both homes as well as commercial use. Some of the leading Printer Manufacturers are  HP, Epson, Cannon and Brother. All these printers have the different software and setting, so it can very difficult to find out the drawbacks. But, we can help you with that.

Printer Support

We have experienced technicians who are professionally trained to fix different Printer model issues. Our technicians are always available when you need them the most. As same as the other peripheral devices, printer also includes different programs and the technical components which can stop working anytime. Also, the incorrect configuration and the misuse of the printer can also lead to the number of technical issues which can have a negative impact on the daily normal working of the printer. Our experts can diagnose all these issues of your printer.

Printer Customer Support is Available for the Below-mentioned Printer Issues:

  • Install Printer and Scanner

  • Printer Error

  • Printer not working

  • Scanner not detected

  • Add wireless printer

  • Poor Print quality

  • Replace Ink Error

  • Cartridge replacing process

  • My Printer offline

  • Printer spooler issues

  • New Printer Set-Up

  • Printer not working

  • Troubleshooting Printer

  • Printer functionality issue

  • A printer is printing slow

  • Install Printer and Scanner

  • Unable to find printer driver

  • Poor Print quality

  • Printer Driver Problems

  • Print-head issue

  • Paper jams in the printer

  • Loaded Queue

  • Printer Wi-fi Connection

  • The printer is displaying a 50.4, 79 and another error message

  • PrintHead Clogging

  • “Non-Genuine” cartridge message

  • Cartridge Not Working

  • Can’t find a driver for a particular operating system

Why call on Printer Helpline Number?

If we talk about the HP Printers, then they are designed using No Technical Component which follows the set of program to execute the task. Though, sometimes the components and programs do not match the configuration and cause errors. Technical errors in the printer can stop its processing and create issues in achieving the targeted goals, The customer might even lose the data.  In this case, Printer Helpline Numbers are the lifesaver. Experienced technical experts can handle the issues give the right assistance to mitigate the problems.

When the user calls our technical experts, our expert fixes the issue in below-given steps:

Talk to the technical expert on the phone and follow the instructions to solve the problem.

Allow the expert to access your computer screen and get your problem solved within a few minutes (you do not need to worry about the privacy, as we do nothing without your permission).

Let our expert fix the issue.

Printer Help

Our printer help available for HP, Epson, Canon and Brother printers. If your printer is not working, unable to setup new printer, print head or paper printing issues contact us our printer technician.

Printer Driver and Software Service

Software and Driver Downloads for Printers
Wireless printer software Installation
Printer drivers for windows 10, 8, 7
Printer software for Mac

Printer Helpline Number

If Unable to Setup New Printer or Software, Driver Related Any Help
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How to Fix Printer Problems in Windows 10?

Windows 10 upgrade is good, many new features are available which makes this operating system pretty attractive than the others. But, there are always some flaws. The most common problem with windows 10 upgrade is the printer support. This can be due to the unavailability of the old printer drivers or unavailability of an upgraded version.

So, if your printer is not working after installing the Windows 10 software in the system, then here are some of the tips which you can try to make it work again.

Open the control panel of printer:

Search the printer in a search box of Windows 10 and after that, choose the “Devices and Printer” from the result list. The Devices and Printer control panel pane will open.

Troubleshoot the printer connected.

Check out the window for a printer, it might be mentioned in Printer or Unspecified. If it is available, then right click on it and trouble it from the menu gets appeared. You need to follow the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the printer. This may help you out to troubleshoot the printer issues.

Check whether the printer is installed

If the windows troubleshooting did not solve your problem if windows 10 did not detect the printer, then check out whether the principal is properly installed. Tap on the “Start” button and go to the settings >> devices>> Printer and Scanner.

If the printer is not listed in the Main Window, then click on the option “Add a printer or scanner” and wait till windows detect the printer. Check whether the printer is connected and turn it on.

Search for the older printer in windows 10

Once the printer is detected, step by step follow the instructions displayed on the screen and complete the installation process. A window will download the drivers automatically.  If not provided, then click on “The printer I that I want isn’t listed “option.

Try the Windows 8 drivers

Not every manufacturer offers the windows 10 drivers for a specific printer. In such case, you can try the windows 8 drivers for installation.

Contact the manufacturer

If still, your printer is not connecting, then contact the manufacturer for the driver update. Go through search user forum for other suggestions.  

At last, if you are still facing issues in upgrading the printer, the only instant solution you can try is -uninstall Windows 10 and use the previous version( if you want).

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