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How to fix Brother printer paper jam inside?

Brother printers are one of the greatest innovation introduced in the world of Internet and technology. These printers are worldwide known for its ultimate printing services. Though customers are very impressed with the brother printer, unfortunately, every gadget has some drawback.

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Quick Fix to “Brother Printer Spooler Service Malfunctioning” Error

Brother Printer Spooler is a software used for managing the different types of printer jobs. In the most of the cases, corrupted printing job or file is the sign of “Printer Spooler Malfunctioning Errors). According to the Brother Printer Experts, the users must have a clear idea about the functionality of spooler.

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How to connect an offline Brother Printer

If you are not able to print to the “ Installed Brother Printer” because your printer is offline. Thus, you need to adjust some settings so that you can continue with printing the documents. Windows 7 offers an inbuilt feature for toggling between offline mode.

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