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Contact Canon Printer Support technicians to troubleshoot the common errors of Canon Printer. Call us at  Canon Printer Support Contact Number and get your issue solved in a short period. We make sure that your Canon Printer in the best way and deliver the expected outcomes. Canon manufacturers extensive range of optical and imaging products. The devices are used for both personal as well as professional work.

Canon printers are designed using the advanced technology and printing components which assures an unbeatable performance. Though Canon printers are best for us, there are some technical glitches which can occur while using a canon printer. These technical defaults affect the printing quality or your printer might even stop working. thus, you need Canon Printer to assure the smooth and effective working of your printer.

Canon Printer Support

Why you need a Canon Printer Support?

Nowadays, printers are designed using the latest technologies. But, the technology can never be perfect. There are a  number of unwanted errors which can occur during the printing process, these technical errors can affect the printing quality. Thus, you need a single effective solution for all these issues. Canon Printer Technical Support can rectify all the printing errors which interrupt your printer. Also, if you are facing trouble in installation or uninstallation of canon printer, then you can solve them with the help of Canon Printer Support.

How can Canon Printer Technical Support help you?

If you identify any issue in your Canon Printer, you can directly contact us at Canon Printer Support for the help. Below some common issues are mentioned which you can face with the Canon Printer. But, there is no point to get stressed out as you can contact us anytime for printer technical support.

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Some of the common Canon Printer Issues are:

  • Canon Printer Installation Issues.

  • Compatibility issues.

  • Paper jam issues.

  • Printer Head Issues.

  • Plug and Play issues.

  • Printer Positioning issues.

  • Printer Driver issues.

  • New Printer Setup issues.

  • General Printer issues.

  • Printer Spooler issues and many more.

Want to know more about us?

  • Canon Printer Installation Issues.

  • We have experienced and dedicated technical experts working with us.

  • We provide full-time technical support.

  • All technicians are skilled. educated and professional.

  • We provide efficient and reliable technical support to the customer.

If you need an instant technical assistance for your Canon Related issues, then call us at Canon Printer Support contact number. We promise to deliver the quick and effective solution to fix all the technical issues. Our services are available at very reasonable prices.

Solutions To Common Canon Printer Issues: Call On Toll-free

+1 877 213 7013


Canon Printer ERROR CODE -E13
REASON – Your Ink Cartridges might be empty.
SOLUTION – Replace the Ink cartridges with compatible consumables.

REASON-  The Ink cartridges are running out of Ink.
SOLUTION – Replace the Ink Cartridges and also close the paper output cover.

ERROR CODE -U162, U163.
REASON- Machine is displaying the error “ remove the empty  Ink Cartridges”, even after inserting the New Cartridges.
SOLUTION – you need to follow the mentioned instructions to remove the error code. Press and hold the STOP/RESET/RESUME button on the canon printer for about 10 seconds.  This means that you know about the message, but you want to continue with the printing process. Your document will be printed normally.

ERROR CODE -1685,1688
REASON-  The Ink Cartridges are running out.
SOLUTION – You need to replace the empty Ink cartridges.

REASON-  The Fine Cartridges are not installed properly in the printer.
SOLUTION – to remove the Cartridges, retract the output tray extension, before you open the cover. Once you have removed the cartridges, you can install them again by pushing the cartridges in until it gets set to a perfect place. Close the cover and your printer is all set to use.

REASON- PrintHead is not Installed or incorrectly installed which is causing the orange light on the machine to blink about 5 times.
SOLUTION – Install PrintHead in a correct manner.

Canon ERROR – E02
REASON-  Paper is not properly entered to the main tray on the top.
SOLUTION-  Check whether the paper is correctly installed and if not then install them correctly.

REASON-  When the error code occurs, the orange light may blink 14 times and this code indicates that Ink cartridges not supported by the printer.
SOLUTION- Use the supported Ink Cartridges.

REASON- Ink cartridges are not recognized.
SOLUTION- you can solve the issue by lifting the printer cover and make sure that Ink Cartridges are properly inserted.

Canon Printer ERROR CODE – 1487,1486.
REASON- The error occurs when Ink Cartridges are installed in a wrong position.
SOLUTION- Check out the Cartridges Code and re-install them if required.

ERROR CODE – U075,U076
REASON- If you have installed the “FINE Cartridges” ( A tri-color cartridges used in the Canon Printer) in a wrong way, then the error occurs. Only the official Canon Printer will display this error.
SOLUTION- You can use the compatibles to solve the issue. You canon printer slot might look same but these are geared towards figuring out the black cartridges and color.

REASON- The error has occurred because of hardware failure which can of printer or printhead.
SOLUTION-  You need to turn off the printer. After that, open the printer cover and check for the white polystyrene and orange protective tape and if required, remove them. Check for the foreign objects and remove them, if necessary. Close the cover and reconnect to turn on. Please contact the repair center if still getting this issue.

REASON- Indicating the Printer error.
SOLUTION- Turn off your printer and unplug it. After that, plug it back to continue printing.

ERROR CODE   – 306
REASON- Error usually occurs when you want a print from MAC.
SOLUTION-  Click “Apple Icon” present in the top left a corner of the screen. Tap “system preference” and “Print and Fax”. If the Padlock(present at bottom left) is locked, then click it and enter the password and then Click “OK”. Click the button to remove printer and “+” to add it again.

ERROR- 5100,5200,5700, 6000
REASON- Service Error has occurred.
SOLUTION- Firstly, disconnect your power cable, open the cover of a printer and find out the orange protective tape or white polystyrene and remove it, if required.

Check out for the foreign objects in a printer and remove them if required. Close the cover and reconnect the power cable, turn on the printer.

ERROR- 6A00,6A80,6C10
REASON- Printer Error has occurred.
SOLUTION- You can consult the technician for help.

ERROR- 1682,1684
REASON-  Printer is not recognizing the Cartridges. This might be because the gold contact area of cartridge’s front is obscured.
SOLUTION- You need to remove the cartridges, for this, you can use the Kitchen towel. Now, install the cartridges again for printing. If still any error message occur then contact the supplier.

ERROR – B200
REASON- Printer Error has occurred.
SOLUTION- Check for the empty printer cartridges and replace them. Unplug the power card. If an error still occurs then contact the service center.

ERROR- Canon Pixma MG3250.
REASON- Machine Error occurs and Alarm Lamp turns orange.
SOLUTION- You need to contact the service provider.

ERROR- Canon TS3122
REASON- Machine Error.
SOLUTION- Restart your Machine to fix the issue.

Call the Canon Printer Support Now and get instant technical help.

+1 877 213 7013
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