How to fix Brother Printer “Error 4F” – Unable to Print.

//How to fix Brother Printer “Error 4F” – Unable to Print.

How to fix Brother Printer “Error 4F” – Unable to Print.

Brother Printer Error 4F – Unable to Print, can be very frustrating especially when you badly need a printer to print some important documents.  This error mostly affects the “Brother Inkjet Range” and the error is very difficult to fix. Here we are sharing some tips which can help you to fix the errors.

First of all, let’s understand the  meaning of Brother Printer Error 4F:

“Error 4F- unable to print” is a message related to the print head. It specifically indicates that either there is an electrical fault in your print head or the temperature error.

What is “Print Head”?

“Print Head” sits beneath the “Ink Cartridges” (in some of the printers they are built inside the ink cartridges).  Once filled, thousands of the “Tiny Nozzles” present in print head spray droplets of ink onto the page to print the words.

This is done by heating small resistors with electricity which pushes the ink droplets out.  Thus, this printer error indicates that the resistors are not able to get the required electricity, or they are getting overheated.

What is the cause behind 4F fault?

Usually, the most common answer which you get from your manufacturer is that “ remanufactured or compatible inks” has blocked the nozzles of a print head.  The reason behind that can be the use of low or cheap quality ink.

Here another question arises that – “do you keep printing till the cartridges turn totally dry?  Yes, this is the major problem, if no ink is present in the print head and resistors begin to heads then they usually burn out or overheat.

 How to  Fix “Brother Printer Error 4F”?

Here are the tips which you can follow to fix “ Brother Printer Error – 4F” error :

Tip 1 :  First of all, check the warranty of your brother printer. If your printer is still in its warranty period then you can visit the manufacturer and get all the errors fixed or replace the printer.

Tip 2:  Check the manual of your printer. Some of the printers have replaceable or removable print head. So you can purchase the new printhead and replace the old one for smooth functioning. If you do not have a manual then you can search on the google using the printer model number. For example – Brother MFC-J4510DW printer manual.

Tip 3 : Fixout temperature error:  If the resistors are overheated then give them time to get cool down. Follow the given steps to fix the printer error:

  • Remove the Ink cartridges from your printer and clean the contacts on cartridges and printer gently.
  • Unplug the printer and leave for around 20 minutes.
  • Plugin the Printer again and after that wait for the message indicating to “insert the new cartridges”.
  • Replace the empty ones and insert all the inks back in the printer.
  • If still, there is an error, it simply means that you need to replace the printer.

Tip: 4 Check for the foreign objects:  Some of the foreign objects like the staples, dust particles or paper may get lodged in the machine and create trouble. Unplug the printer and check the print head to see if anything is there. You can use the Air Duster to blow the foreign objects gently from inside the printer.

These tips can hopefully help you to fix all the errors. If still, you do not find out yourself lucky enough to get rid of a problem, you can contact the technician at Brother Printer Helpline Number for the technician.

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