How to Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue?

//How to Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue?
How to Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue?2018-10-02T17:58:15+00:00

How to Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue

Earlier, every task was performed manually and the people have no idea that the future is going to bring such gadgets which we are using now. Now, the latest technologies and innovations have made everything easier, you can perform any task within a seconds. It is impossible to imagine a life without such technologies as we are totally dependent upon them to carry out our daily tasks. One of such valuable gadgets which hold a very important place in our lives in Printer.

There are many printer manufacturing brands in the market. But, if we talk about the reliability and quality, Epson Printers are the best among all the printer. These printers are best to use and never fails to deliver the desired outputs to the customers. But, being a gadget, the printer also require maintenance otherwise there can be many technical glitches which can occur and interrupt your routine process. Thus you need  Epson Printer Support Services.

One of the most common errors occur in Epson Printer is son printer paper jam or no paper issue. you can fix these errors on your own. Below the process is discussed through which you can resolve the issues:

  • Epson Paper Print Error.

  • Epson Paper Jam Error.

Ways to sort it:

Here are the steps which you need to follow to solve the issues. Make sure that you follow the steps in the same sequence they are written.

  1. Unplug your printer and wait for at least one minute. After that, restart your printer again.
  2. Do not pull the paper out in an opposite direction from Jam Condition as this can introduce more issues.
  3. Make sure there is no loose paper stuck in “Loading Tray”.
  4. Take out the paper roller and clean it with a soft cotton cloth.
  5. Try moving the printhead to the left and restart the printer.
  6. Now, connect printer and PC and check whether the printer is working.

Methods to solve Paper Feed Issues:

Method 1: Leading Edge Problem

If there is something wrong with Paper’s Leading Edge, then you can check for the tears, creases and other similar damages as only the even pages can be loaded by the printer as the even pages go straight to the rollers.

Method 2: paper Curl Issues

If the paper curling is going wrong (means paper is rolling outward ) then printer rollers may not grab it in a proper way.  So, you need to remove all the papers and check out the curl’s edges. De-curl the papers and load them again, you can make use of de-roller as well.

Method 3: Friction within Sheets

This issue occurs when a user loads multiple sheets at the same time. The foremost sheet may not drop into the rollers and may get stuck with the next sheet. To solve the issue, you can try jostling and fanning of the papers to lose the papers.

Method 4: Narrow Papers

In some of the Epson Printer’s Models like Epson Stylus Pro 3800, you may encounter this issue of picking up the narrow papers. You can sort out the issues by feeding papers via the automatic feeder. Though, an automatic slot can have an issue if the size of the paper is smaller than 4X6 inches.  For printing the small size papers, you need to hold them straight so that papers get into the slot in a correct way.

Method 6: Black Area of a paper

Sometimes, a paper may have a black area over it, this happens when the printer does not sense the paper. Always make sure that you have fed all the white papers to avoid such kind of issues.

These methods and steps can help you out to solve the Printer issues. But, if you still have a problem then contact Epson Printer Support for the printer repair.

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