Issues Of Clogged Print Head Nozzles

//Issues Of Clogged Print Head Nozzles
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There are many reasons behind not getting the expected pages out of the cartridges as per mentioned on the box.  The most obvious reason is that the printer needs more Ink as compared to the Standardized Metric of “ five percent coverage”.

The another possible and the most common reason behind the “Low Cartridge Yields” issue is Clogged nozzles of the printer head. This is a very common issue with many of the printer brands. For example – Epson Printers: These printers are widely known across the world for its high printing quality, Clogged Printhead Nozzles issue is very common with the Epson Printers.

Clogged Print Head Nozzles

The reasons behind  Clogged Printhead Nozzles issue are very solid, but the reasons that why it happens with the Epson Printer are more solid than the others. In a Nutshell, all this is about the correlation between technological advancement and shrinkage of size. In the case of a printer, reduced printer nozzles in diameters help in the Printing Quality. So, it is a dual concept, the reason of clogged printhead nozzles in Epson printer is the excellent printing quality that it offers.  Here is the explanation:

The inevitable issue of “Clogged Print Head Nozzles” in Epson Printers

There will be no clogged printhead nozzles if you are using Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) cartridges.

You will not get any Clogged Printhead Nozzles if you regularly run the Print Head Cleaning cycles.

These myths are misleading the Epson Printer users. If you purchase compatible and generic cartridges from a trustworthy third party seller or aftermarket company, then it will be as same as using the genuine cartridges.  Majority of printers have discovered it already and saving a lot.

The other myths consist of many nuances. Printhead cleaning is important to push out the air blocks from nozzles. In a few cases, it can even help out the customers with dried inks, but the issue should be minor to sort out. Solids are always able to hold back the liquid provided, they are thick enough.  With the proper use on regular basis, Dried ink gets thick enough in the nozzles.

You run many Printhead Cleaning Cycles to counter it, you will get the temporary reprieve. All the ink which Print Head Cycle was pushing via the nozzle to unclog it – where does it go, what do you think? Well ! it stays and gets dry again in one or two days. This is the reason why you get the clear print if you run Multiple Print Head Cleaning Cycles just to go through the similar problem again.

Take out the Printhead and wipe up the nozzles

This is the most common solution for most of the printers and this is because of detachable printheads.  This is the major reason why OEM”s design the printers in such a way that print heads are cartridge’s part. It is the problem in a case of  Epson printer. Do you remember the Epson Printer output quality? Well! This excellent is possible just because of the advanced print heads. In turn, these printheads now became the permanent part of printers.

They are not easy to remove. You can not unclip them, pull them out and wipe. As the user cannot wipe them, the issues of Clogged Printhead Nozzles occur which is very annoying. This simply means whether you need a technical assistance to separate them or you need to use the multiple tools to bring them out.

To do this, a person requires a good investment of time as well as money. Both the options don’t look attractive as the customer has already spent a good amount of money in purchasing a printer. So, in this case, precaution is better than cure.

Keeping the Epson Printer Clean

Air is the primary culprit behind the issues of “Clogged Printhead Nozzles”. Air blockage is very common to occur because with the advancement in technology Nozzles are getting smaller. The other bigger culprit behind the issue is dried ink.

You can also consider the dust in this category. Air also consists of dust particles, when these dust particles go inside the nozzles it can affect the functioning of your printer.  You can not deny the fact that dirty printers are more prone to the issues like “Clogged Printer Nozzles”- this simple means, regular cleaning of the printer is very important.

People usually clean their printer from inside but cleaning them from outside is also important. When you are carrying out the cleaning process, make sure that you do it very carefully as few components of the printer are very delicate. You can use the lint-free cloth or napkins. The best way to clean the printer from inside is ” make use of vacuum or duster”. You will either blog away from the dust or suck it out. Latter can be the best option as it is more reliable and direct.

Turn off the printer at night  

All printers work on a similar system in which they run a small Printhead Cleaning Cycle when the printer is turned on.  This cycle is just a “Mini Print Head Nozzle Cycle” in which printer the pulls out ink ( little bit amount ) from nozzles top keep them lubricated.

The cycle helps in reducing the “Clogged Printhead Nozzle” chances.  The main reason is that most of the printer user’s never turn off their printer. If you do not turn it off, it will not turn on which means mini-cycle will not run or protect you. So, it’s better to turn off the printer at night, as when you will turn it on again in the morning, the cycle will repeat and you will not face any sort of issue.

Regular Printing

Regular printing is a traditional advice for the maintenance of the printer. Regardless whether it is dust, air or dried ink, the printer develops clogged nozzles issues when the printer is not used on a regular basis as ink flow remains regularly.  The regular flow helps in preventing the negative air pressure from dust, building from getting an entry in the aperture and ink from drying.

So, one of the easiest way to sort out this Epson Printer issue is the regular use of a printer. At Least use your printer once in a day for its effective working. Your Printer must be reliable and safe which is only possible if you use the printer on regular basis.

Consider three or less than three Print Cleaning Cycles

When you see something odd in your printer, you run a printer cleaning cycle. A print clean process can be spammed very easily. Make sure that you run the Print Cleaning Cycle only three times at a time. If you run the Print Cleaning Cycle, again and again, it can create clogged nozzles issue.

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